What if I’ve never tried the flying trapeze before?

Anyone can participate in our classes, regardless of previous experience or abilities. Don’t worry that you might not be strong enough. During the class you will be taught the skills needed. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn!

Is it safe?

You will be in a harness the entire time you are on the trapeze and there is always a net.

What will I learn in my first trapeze class?

The class will begin with a warm up/introduction on the low trapeze bar. There you will be shown the first position you will learn-the “knee hang”. You will then proceed up the ladder to the flying trapeze platform. During the first part of the class you will practice the knee hang position for execution and timing. During the second part of the class, if you are ready, you will attempt a mid air connection, the “catch”, with our catcher on the other side of the flying trapeze rig.

What should I wear?

Work out type clothes- tights, leggings, sweat pants if they are not too baggy… jeans are usually too tight. We discourage shorts because the backs of your knees will be more comfortable on the bar if your skin is not bare. You should wear clothes in which you can move freely, yet they should not be so loose they get in your way. If you have long hair tie it back. You can wear socks or be barefoot, no shoes. You will have a harness around your waist, so don’t worry that your shirt will fly over your head when you are upside down!

How high is it?

The platform from where you swing is 23 feet off the ground, but you are only 15 feet above the level of the net.

Is it super fun?  I mean like, the most fun thing I’ve ever tried in my life?!

You betcha!!!

OK, Count me in!  How do I get there?

Atlanta Location: Right in the heart of Buckhead! We’re located at 2303 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30309. Our trapeze is next to the Buck’s Sports Barn, less than a block south of Peachtree Battle Ave.

Blue Ridge Location: From Atlanta, take 75N to 575N, which turns into 515 and runs all the way to Blue Ridge. Continue on the 4-lane highway and make a Right onto Hwy 60 (Exxon & Dunkin Donuts), make a Left at the stop sign, continue through the small town of Morganton and make a Right to stay on Hwy 60, make your first Right onto South Road, at the stop sign keep to the Right on Lake Cove, continue about a mile and make a Left onto Rocky Point to the first house on Left. Park in the wooded gravel drive past the house. Physical address is 588 Rocky Point Drive, Morganton, GA 30560.

I want to stay in Blue Ridge for the night.  Any suggestions?

There are so many gorgeous cabins you can rent for a night, a weekend, or however long you wish.  See our links page for more information.

What else can I do in Blue Ridge while I’m there?

So many things!  Check out our links page for great suggestions!